The swimming pool at Poppies hotel with the sea in the background A cottage room at Poppies hotel showing bed and TV A bridge in the garden at Poppies hotel with a lot of foliage and palm trees The white sandy beach with Poppies hotel reclining chairs on
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Poppies Samui, Hotel in Chaweng, Koh Samui, Thailand

Poppies Samui

A boutique hotel with Thai style cottages

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The level of service in the hotel was exceptional...
We love returning to hotels we think are wonderful, and Poppies is one of those!


Meet some of the Hotel Staff

There are three staff to every cottage at Poppies

John Ens in the garden at Poppies

Poppies Samui is under the leadership of John Ens,
who is the General Manager. John has worked on Samui
in deluxe resorts for 9 years now and will be pleased to inform
you about that special trip or other restaurant which is not
so famous yet.

He has worked mainly in Europe and Asia and speaks German,
English, French and Dutch fluently.

If you have any special requests, he will be most happy to assist.



Khun Wantanee runs the Thai food kitchen

The Thai Kitchen is run by long term employee Khun Wantanee.

She joined the hotel at the opening aged 17 and is a wonderfully instinctive Chef who prepares dishes in the 'southern style'.

Try one of her Kantoke dishes to sample a balanced selection of her mouth watering temptations.

Khun Noi runs the western food kitchen

The Western Kitchen is headed up by Khun Noi. Over the last 12 years Khun Noi has served under four notable expatriate Executive Chefs who have each made a major contribution to our success and reputation.

Early in 2009 we decided that Khun Noi was not only ready but thoroughly deserving of the "top job". He has assumed his new responsibilities flawlessly and is already introducing his own signature dishes to the menu.

Khun Jeab runs reception at Poppies

In charge of reception and reservations is Khun Jeab.

Khun Jeab has a warm personality, as well as professionalism, and is one of our favourite employees of almost all our returning guests over the past 9 years.

She and her team can arrange excursions, elephant trekking, boat charter, airline reservations, diving, snorkelling, tailors, banks and car hire, to name but a few.

Khun Renu is the Restaurant Manager

Khun Renu is our very experienced Restaurant Manager is the lady who directs our restaurant team and delivers the service levels we have become famous for over the years.

She is also the lady to see to reserve that special table.

Khun Lek is the Breakfast Manager

Khun Lek is our wonderful Breakfast Service Manager.

Be warned - her happy personality is infectious and you will soon become a fan. She will remember your preferences and make your breakfast a delightful experience.

Khun Lek is Poppies Personnel Manager

Our Personnel Manager is Khun Lek who is a very experienced HR manager who worked in leading 4 and 5 stars resorts here on Samui.

She is directly in charge of all trainings and schooling programs as well as all staff motivation activities.

Khun Prasert is our Chief Engineer

Khun Prasert is our Chief Engineer and he has been with Poppies since construction began in 1993.

It’s good to have an engineer who literally built the hotel!

Khun Aksorn is the hotel Accounting Manager

Khun Aksorn is our Accounting Manager and has been with Poppies since 1999.

A fully qualified accountant she keeps us all on our toes and makes sure your bills are correct!

Khun Nee is in charge of Houskeeping

In charge of Housekeeping and Gardens is Khun Nee who has also been with Poppies from the opening day in 1995.

This hardworking lady is the power house behind the scenes and still finds time to prepare all our flower arrangements and room decorations.

Khun June is in charge of Guest Relations

We are very fortunate to have a Guest Relations Manager who knows our island and its interesting spots so well. Khun June's private island tour is famous and highly recommended by all our well-travelled guests.

All your special requests regarding Poppies or our island will be taken care of swiftly and smoothly. Please feel free to contact her via the enquiry form if you have any questions before your arrival.

Khun Mo is in charge of Houskeeping

Khun Mo is our Spa manager. Her very friendly service and her great massages impress our new guests, as well as returning guests.

Ask her personal advice which massage will suit you the best! You can also browse the spa menu before your arrival.

Khun Suthep and Khun Santi look after you on Chaweng beach

As you will spend so much time of your holiday on the beach, please meet Khun Suthep (right) and Khun Santi (left) who's mission it is to keep you 'watered', 'fed' and 'comfortable' on the beach and around the pool.